What is the Near Holding ecosystem? What are the outstanding advantages of the Near Holding ecosystem?

10/06/2022 10:18

In the race of ecosystems, the Near Holding ecosystem thrives independently and in tandem with Near.

Near Holding Vietnam's executive board

What is Near Holding?

Near Holding is a place to support commodity exchange transactions for Near Holder, born to solve the non-optimal points of traditional banks when the cost of entering infrastructure and the system is high, interest rates sometimes cannot compensate for price slippage and difficult to track the transparency of investment cash flow.At Near Holding, investment capital allocation and profit rotation are all regulated by Smart contracts, building a dual ecosystem based on a very large Near Community

Near Holding - The more players the wheel spins, the faster the spin speed and the more profit you get

The blockchain market is now more vibrant than ever with the participation of many diverse ecosystems. In which, it is impossible to ignore Near Holding. Below, we will provide an overview of the Near Holding Ecosystem and potential investment opportunities in the near future.

Near Holding's ecosystem is assessed by many experts as there is still a lot of potential for development in the future, investors, please join us in projecting milestones and events that will help Near Holding grow to great heights. new milestone through the following article.

Highlights of Near Holding?

  • Near Holding develops the NEH coin on the basis of the prestigious Near ecosystem in the top 30, developing strongly independently and in parallel with Near.
  • Near Holding uses Near coin as a liquidity tool, creating a platform with low investment costs, ensuring safety and sustainability.
  • Near Holding is a business investment community on the 4.0 platform for those holding Near digital technology on the 3-Defi Web platform.

Near Holding Ecosystem training session

  • The scalability of the application is always enhanced and developed by Near Holding to make the process of setting up the ecosystem as simple as possible.
  • Near Holding uses resonant rotation, with the strength of profit sharing with simple and fully automatic operation.
  • Currently, each join from each node of 8 near will be given 20000 NEH paid through Metamask wallet.
  • Community round interest - through a round from addition to benefit will have a net profit of 28%, 100% of capital continues to be reinvested for the next round. The rotation will continuously resonate until it stops, opening the independent HST NEH.
  • Simple operation, only 1 activation will be in the continuous rotation.
  • Profit from bottom up 15% for system F below.
  • Profit from the top: big deal for leader 1-4% of total activated revenue depending on location and capacity

The multi-faceted development of the Near Holding ecosystem

NEAR developer growth stats are equally impressive. NEAR is a protocol that favors developers as it focuses on the developer experience to incentivize network adoption and usage. In addition, Near also has its own layer two protocol, Aurora, which is compatible with EVM and allows existing Ethereum developers to seamlessly run their applications on Near at a lower cost.


Near Holding - Line up movement in an extended circle

In Vietnam alone, NEAR investment groups have tens of thousands of interested users. Specifically, the Near Protocol Vietnam community currently attracts nearly 30,000 members. Besides, the growth rate of NEAR over the past several months is also something that many Vietnamese investors are interested in.

This year is a year in which investors will tend to seek to secure safe and stable returns amid inflation-adjusted interest rates and negative real yields. There is a viable alternative, and preferred by many young investors, which would be highly profitable savings products from cryptocurrencies.

Le Hong An - One of the members of the BOD about the Near Holding project

Along with the development of the ecosystem, the expansion of the application range for cryptocurrencies (remittance, investment, gaming, NFT, metaverse and exciting prospect areas such as real estate and health, ...) is helping more people tap into the potential benefits of this currency.

Future projections and investment opportunities on the Near Holding ecosystem

In early May 2022, Near Holding continuously made improvements in terms of technology. The proof is that Near Holding's core development team continues to handle and proceed to solve issues around Dev Platform, Wallet, node experience, node interface, contract runtime...

Currently, the Near Holding ecosystem is cooperating with leading enterprises in the country such as Asia Business Insider, PC Ventures, Bixx Boss, TOPVN Group, Central Travel, Central Food, New U Life®, OpenSea, Remitano, .. . opens up the opportunity to harness the power and capabilities from different angles, at which time customers benefit from the strengths and services that each organization offers, bringing many benefits and safety to users .

The event to announce the strategy and system coverage

While the overall market may decline or rise in phases, opportunities always arise. Not only because these activities will push NEAR to grow, but also because they demonstrate the market acumen and ability of the NEAR team to promote in the crypto market.

Revolving around the ecosystem of NEAR HOLDING and NEAR coin in early May 2022. We can see the Near Holding ecosystem gradually proving its position in the cryptocurrency market in general and Layer 1 blockchains in general. private.


So, Near Holding was created towards a truly decentralized ecosystem and a world where everyone has control over their money, their community and has the necessary tools to create the world. new to themselves. Therefore, the investment opportunity in this ecosystem at the present time is extremely potential

Near Holding - Surprising market volatility

Through this article, I hope everyone has a better overview of the Near Holding ecosystem. And if you are looking for a project to invest in making profits, then please refer to the Near Holding project for more choices and considerations when participating in the cryptocurrency market.

Besides, you can access to Fanpage, news youtube channel as well as Group to exchange and update news quickly. We will always update you with more useful knowledge about the Near Holding ecosystem. In addition, all information about Near technology will be posted at:

Hotline: 0938962272

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Zalo: https://zalo.me/g/lhogrs736

️Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6vawgyBBTpBuvqQSXRBzg

Website: https://nearholding.io/index.html

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NEHblockchain


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